Network Design & Consultation

Increasingly, organizations are expected to convert IT investments into business value at maximum speed. Service providers must introduce and scale next-generation services to capture market share and build customer loyalty. Enterprises must seize opportunities, meet challenges, and outmaneuver competitors to take the lead in fast changing markets. Enterprises and public sector organizations must demonstrate rapid progress to justify technology initiatives, without compromising network performance and security or the confidentiality of private information.

In this fast-paced environment, the challenges and the risks are as great as the opportunities. Network investments are substantial, and few IT departments can spare the time or staff resources needed to keep pace with the latest innovations in business networking.  The architecture and design of these complex scalable, high-availability networks requires highly specialized skills and training, and most IT departments simply cannot afford to have these scarce resources staff full-time.

DNS complete range of network consulting, technical, and managed support services can help you solve your network problems quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.

Network Consulting Services

Network Assessments

DNS consulting services can help you maximize the value of your current network infrastructure by identifying risks and opportunities, analyzing design approaches, and recommending network services to optimize your existing network.  Our expert consultants can help you:

  • Generate an accurate survey to prepare for a network re-architecture or deployment in a timely and cost-efficient manner
  • Assess, define and optimize your routing policies
  • Analyze software and hardware configurations to reduce risks and improve efficiency
  • Weigh the trade-offs of various approaches
  • Identify and resolve single points of failure, traffic bottlenecks, and network errors
  • Analyze network traffic to better understand bandwidth utilization and protocol behavior

Network Architecture and Design

In today’s complex world of locally hosted, co-located, SaaS and Cloud-based applications, reliable network connectivity is critical to business success.  Whether you’re adding capacity, building redundancy, relocating applications, or deploying a new solution from scratch, DNS team of skilled network professionals can help ensure success.  We have architected, deployed and managed networks ranging from budget-conscious in-house datacenters, to fully distributed, high-availability, large-scale e-commerce web deployments.  Our team has multiple certifications from major network equipment vendors including Cisco, Juniper, F5, Citrix, Dell, Fortinet, and others.  Our team maintains the real-world experience to design and recommend solutions that will cost effectively meet your business goals.

DNS Architecture and Design Services are customized to every client’s needs and can include:

  • Detailed Network Design & Documentation — Helps you develop the design and plan for your network solution, including identifying requirements and defining high-level architectural, topological, and functional specifications. Deer Consultants then prepare detailed network designs, including network topology diagrams, IP address allocation plans, routing designs, circuit sizing, configuration templates and change management documentation.
  • Network Design Review — Experienced and knowledgeable DNS consultants offer you a consultative review and recommendations for improvement of your internally developed design for the network.  DNS engineers highlight issues like single points of failure, potential traffic bottlenecks and security risks, and provide you with potential solutions such as automated redundancy mechanisms, dynamic routing protocol designs and network segmentation and aggregation solutions.
  • Strategic Network Consulting Services — Provides access to experienced DNS consultants who provide network consulting services so you can design a strategy for your network architecture and a plan to translate it to a real solution.
  • Network Equipment Procurement and Circuit Provisioning Services — Helps by providing equipment and circuit bills of materials, assists with vendor RFP processes, and management of circuit provisioning and testing processes.