Hotel Solutions

Hotel High Speed Internet Access Solution 

SolutionIP is a Hi-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) management solution which offering the most comprehensive and unified hotel Internet billing solution as well as hotel bandwidth management solution for single and chain of Hotels. SolutionIP has been designed and developed especially for the hospitality industry with features like access control, bandwidth management, guest management, Internet billing and service management. SolutionIP is smart enough to limit unauthenticated traffic from accessing the internal network, and allow only authenticated traffic to serve the Internet. SolutionIP is integrated with all well-known Property Management Systems (PMS) in the market. SolutionIP access controller is perfectly offered as stand-alone solution with pre-loaded features, but it also offers the flexibility to be integrated with third party systems offering freedom to hoteliers for providing one-step-ahead services for their guests.

Centralized Management 

• Centralized management of public access Internet services

• Centralized management of multiple public access service locations

• Easy and efficient set up across multiple service locations

• Easy set up of system wide policies

• Easy set up of security policies

• Easy set up of billing models

• Easy set up of authentication policies

• Centralized reporting

• Multiple theme sets

• Valuable business intelligence

• 64 bit architecture

Global Policy Settings 

• Time zone settings

• Language settings 

• Currency settings 

• Bandwidth controls 

• Free access sites 

• Billing models 

• Greeting messages


Location Based Services 

• End user welcome screens 

• Personalized messages 

• Billing 

• Terms and conditions 

• Free access sites 

• Customized welcome pages 

• Centralized reporting

Multiple Device Friendly Registration 

• One authentication process for multiple devices 

• Register multiple devices in a single registration 

• Mobile aware screens


Device Aware Multilingual Welcome Screens 

• Automatically resizes welcome screens based on the device screen size 

• Adapts to the ever changing technology trends of devises ranging from smart-phones, tablets, computers and gaming systems 

• Multiple language support available